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At Venustas Law, we understand the importance of protecting your loved ones and securing their future. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive estate planning services that are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our attorneys have a passion for estate planning and helping families. We believe that every family deserves a solid plan in place to ensure their well-being, both now and in the future. That's why we take the time to get to know each of our clients and understand their individual circumstances and goals.

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Common florida estate planning documents


A will is a legal document that states how a person's assets will be distributed upon their death. It can also name a guardian for minor children and an executor to manage the distribution of assets.

power of attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to appoint someone else, known as an "agent" or "attorney-in-fact," to act on their behalf in financial and legal matters in the event they become incapacitated.

Living will

A living will, also known as an advance directive, is a legal document that allows individuals to state their preferences for end-of-life medical treatment in the event they become unable to communicate their wishes.

Healthcare Surrogate Designation

A healthcare surrogate designation is a legal document that allows an individual to appoint someone else to make medical decisions on their behalf in the event they become incapacitated.


Trusts are legal entities that can be used to manage and protect assets, minimize taxes, and provide for loved ones.

Ladybird Deed

A lady bird deed, also known as enhanced life estate deeds, is a type of deed that allows individuals to transfer ownership of real property to a designated beneficiary upon their death, while still retaining the right to use and enjoy the property during their lifetime.

Don't let your bitcoin die if you do

It's important to have an Estate Plan in place that provides for disclosure of your Crypto assets and provides for a secure method of transfer of the private keys to your heirs.