Giveaways: Common Mistakes in Influencer Giveaways

Giveaways are a popular tool for influencers who are looking to boost engagement with their followers or reach a wider audience. However, before hosting giveaways influencers should be aware of the rules they must follow so their exciting giveaway doesn’t turn into a nightmare. In this blog, we will discuss some of the common mistakes influencers make in their giveaways that are open to Florida residents.

  1. No clear giveaway rules. One of the most common mistakes influencers make in hosting giveaways is not outlining clear giveaway rules. These rules would normally address entry criteria, eligibility, and the structure of the contest. Without these rules clearly described, misunderstandings may arise that could land the influencer in legal trouble.
  2. Incomplete disclosures. Transparency is key in successful giveaways. Influencers must disclose the terms of the giveaway, including any partnerships or sponsorships with brands. Failure to disclose this information can violate advertising laws and damage trust with your followers.
  3. Non-compliance with Florida sweepstakes law. Different states have their own set of rules regarding contests/sweepstakes, which cover things like age restrictions, registration, and prize limitations. Florida has its own rules regarding giveaways. Make sure you comply with them! (Check out our website for a blog on Florida Giveaways, What You Need to Know)
  4. Deceptive marketing. Any exaggerated claims or misleading statements about the giveaway, its benefits, or the prize may cross the line into deceptive marketing. Be sure that all promotional content associated with your giveaway is accurate and honest.
  5. Failure to fulfill promised prizes. If an influencer fails to deliver on promised prizes or experiences, followers may become frustrated and turn to legal action for recourse. You can avoid making this mistake by ensuring that the prizes offered are available and can be delivered after the contest ends.

Influencers who establish clear rules, provide transparency, and comply with relevant laws will successfully host giveaways and avoid potential legal pitfalls. Contact Venustas Law for advice on how to legally host your Florida giveaway while still protecting yourself.

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