Ingredients for a Strong Model Release: Protecting Influencers Image and Reputation

Model release agreements are important for influencers who work in the fashion or beauty industries. Whether you are the party implementing the agreement or the party who is asked to sign the agreement, executing a model release is usually a good idea, just make sure your interests are protected. In this blog, we will talk about what provisions you should incorporate to your model release to make it strong.

An effective model release agreement should cover several important aspects:

  1. Consent: Great model releases will incorporate language into the agreement that stipulates the influencer must give consent in order for her likeness to be used by parties other than herself. This protects the influencer’s image and reputation by only allowing approved content to be publicized.
  2. Compensation: The agreement should outline any compensation or royalties that either the influencer or photographer will receive for their content. It is also smart to address if there are any foreseeable circumstances under which the influencer will receive additional compensation.
  3. Liability: The agreement should state that neither the influencer nor any brand associated with that influencer will be liable for any potential harm or damages resulting from the use of their likeness. This provision will ensure the influencer’s reputation does not get dragged through a vicious lawsuit.
  4. Ownership, Rights, and Usage: This provision of the agreement should clearly define who owns the rights to the content, how and where the content featuring the influencer will be used, and any restrictions on its usage. Recording these important facts up front in a written agreement may save the influencer the time and money of going through a dispute.
  5. Term: Model releases should also establish the duration for which the agreement is valid and if there are any circumstances that can result in it being revoked. This provision gives transparency to all parties involved.

Venustas Law can help draft a model release agreement that is tailored to you; or review your current agreement to ensure your interests are protected. Reach out to us with any questions!

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