Why Influencers Should NOT make an LLC using their own name & personal address

Example: My Name is Jane Doe and the name of my LLC is Jane Doe LLC. 

As an influencer, you are familiar with how important your own name and image are to your brand. A simple way to protect your brand is to properly name your LLC. In this blog, we will talk about how important it is to avoid using your personal name and address when establishing your LLC.

The following are some reasons why influencers should avoid using their personal name and address in setting up an LLC:

  1. Privacy Protection: If influencers associate their personal name and address with a registered LLC, their information can become available to the public. We all know how dangerous it can be when such information falls into the wrong hands. Separating one’s personal and business identities allows for a level of privacy and protection of personal information.
  2. Legal Liability: A big perk of setting up an LLC is that it separates influencers’ personal assets from their business assets. This is advantageous because it gives influencers the ability to limit their personal liability for business obligations and protects their personal assets from being used to satisfy claims against the business. Avoiding associating your personal name and address with your LLC adds another level of security against creditors of your business finding your personal information and attempting to come after you for the obligations of your business.  
  3. Business Expansion: Creating an LLC titled with a separate name can be advantageous to influencers hoping to grow their business beyond social media. It will catch the eye of investors or potential partners who may not have been interested in investing in a brand tied solely to an individual person. A generic name for an LLC, rather than a personal one, also creates a more inclusive business environment for influencers who hire employees or collaborate with other influencers. When the time comes to sell or pass on the business, the transition will be much smoother without having to worry about your personal name continuing to be used.
  4. Professionalism: Establishing a distinct business name for one’s LLC projects a professional image. It allows influencers to diversify their business beyond just their personal brand and gives them an opportunity to choose a name that represents their niche or that their audience can relate to.

If you are an influencer, naming yours LLC is an important step and should be carefully thought through to avoid potential issues later. By avoiding using one’s personal name and address, influencers can better protect themselves and their brand.

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