Decoding Your Employment Contract: Attorney Review

Entering the professional world as a new graduate or transitioning to a new job is exciting, but it also comes with the responsibility of signing an employment contract. Many people overlook the step of seeking legal counsel to review these contracts, unaware of the potential pitfalls they might encounter. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of having an attorney review your employment contracts.

  1. Clarify complex terminology. Employment contracts often contain legal jargon that might be challenging to comprehend without legal expertise. Signing a contract without review could cause you to accidentally accept unfavorable terms. A contract review attorney can help explain what certain clauses in your employment contract mean, so that you are fully informed of all the terms you are agreeing to.
  2. Understand your rights & obligations. The peace of mind that comes with knowing all your rights and responsibilities under the employment contract is priceless. If you are aware of exactly what you agreed to, there will be less opportunity for your employer to take advantage of you and the probability that a dispute will arise is minimal. A contract review attorney can save you the headache of potential legal issues by searching your contracts for certain clauses might have a major impact on you, such as binding you to non-compete agreements or limiting your professional growth.
  3. Negotiate unfavorable terms. With the support of an attorney, you can attempt to negotiate terms in your employment contract that are not very favorable to you. In order for negotiation to be successful, you first must understand the terms you want changed and having a lawyer who can explain why they are unfair gives you leverage for negotiation. Moreover, the employer is more likely to consider negotiation when an attorney is involved, rather than the employee asking for better terms themself.

How contract review attorneys assist new grads and transitioning workers:

  1. Education. After reviewing your employment contract, the attorney will educate you about your rights and obligations, which empowers you to make informed decisions about whether or not the job is the best fit for you.
  2. Catch red flags. Contract review attorneys can quickly identify red flags or ambiguous clauses that could turn into issues for you down the road. If any red flags are found in your employment contract, the attorney will inform you and give you the option of attempting to negotiate better terms.
  3. Negotiation support. In the event your employment contract contains terms that do not feel quite right to you, an attorney can negotiate more favorable terms on your behalf to ensure a fair and equitable work agreement.

Having an attorney review your employment contracts not only protects your interests, but also ensures you enter the workforce with the confidence that your rights and obligations are protected. Contact Venustas Law to review your employment contracts before signing them!

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