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Take Ownership of Your Brand

When building a successful brand, your name is everything. Establishing a distinct brand identity is more important than ever if you want to stand out in the digital world.

Venustas Law will properly complete and file your trademark registration application, helping you to avoid potential pitfalls or complications.

Take ownership of your brand by having an expert trademark attorney federally register and maintain your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Trademark Services

Trademark Searches

We perform trademark searches through US federal and state trademark databases to advise clients on the best way to protect and enforce their trademark rights.

Trademark Registration

We complete and file your trademark registration application and respond to any legal correspondence from the USPTO during the application process.

Trademark Maintenance

We monitor the USPTO’s maintenance deadlines, update any changes to your registration, and file any required documents to keep your trademark active.


Building Empires with Passion & Confidence

Venustas Law is a woman-owned, Florida-based law firm that specializes in providing contracts, trademarks, and other comprehensive legal services to content creators, athletes, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. We are passionate about helping our clients take control of their brands and future, empowering them to build the empire of their dreams.

Let us help you build & maximize your empire.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced trademark attorney to help you plan a future of success.

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