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Maximize Your Earning Potential

Becoming a professional or college athlete is no easy feat. You’ve trained hard, putting in the hours and making sacrifices to earn your spot. It’s time to reap the benefits! The NCAA’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rule allows you to monetize your name and brand, earning money through marketing and promotional deals.

In order to make the most of these opportunities without jeopardizing your eligibility, you need a qualified legal partner that will ensure your rights are protected, any sponsorships are in compliance, and all reporting and disclosure requirements are met.

You’ve put in the hard work and long hours, and you deserve to profit off of your own success. At Venustas Law, we empower athletes like you to better maximize your earning potential in your NIL opportunities by providing expert legal counsel on contracts, sponsorship agreements, and more.

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Legal Services for Professional & College Athletes

Contract Drafting

Do business on your terms with high quality custom contract templates, specifically and creatively tailored to your unique needs.

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Contract Review

Know what you’re signing! Protect yourself and prevent future contract disputes by having an attorney help explain and negotiate the terms of your contracts.

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Take your brand to the next level by federally registering a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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LLC Formation

Turn your name into a brand with an attorney that can guide you through the process of establishing your LLC while ensuring compliance.

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Social Media Compliance & Legal Counsel

Safely grow your online presence by partnering with an experienced social media attorney for social media compliance and legal counsel.

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Giveaways & Sweepstakes Compliance

Engage and grow your audience with an experienced Florida giveaway and sweepstakes lawyer at your back to ensure a smooth process.

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The Venustas Law Experience

Comprehensive Services

We are dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive legal services that are reliable, accessible, and expedient.

Personalized Attention

We aim to always listen to and understand our clients, tailoring our expertise and guidance to best suit your unique needs.

Trustworthy Partnerships

We believe in consistency and transparency to establish mutual trust and long-term success for our clients and ourselves.

Venustas Law Firm

Building Empires with Passion & Confidence

Venustas Law is a woman-owned, Florida-based law firm that specializes in providing contracts, trademarks, and other comprehensive legal services to content creators, athletes, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. We are passionate about helping our clients take control of their brands and future, empowering them to build the empire of their dreams.

Flat-Fee* College Athlete Legal Services

Brand Ambassador Agreement


Model Release


Freelance Contributor Agreement


Photographer Agreement


Services Agreement


1 - 7 pages

$500 per contract for review only

8 - 12 pages

$750 per contract for review only

13 - 17 pages

$1000 per contract for review only

18-25 pages

$1250 per contract for review only

Filing an LLC


Pricing includes obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN). It does not include the cost of relevant state filing fees.

Annual LLC Maintenance


Venustas Law will act as your Florida Registered agent and file the required yearly annual report to keep your business active. Pricing does not include relevant state filing fees.

Amendments to Legal Entity


Amendments include name change of legal entity, name change of incorporator, or change of address or registered agent.

**Flat-fee does include filing fees as they can vary by state and service.

Non-Disclosure (NDA) / Confidentiality Agreement


Basic Creators Plan

Starting at $1,800/month

Monthly Subscription Includes:
- Standard Contract Review (Up to 3 per month)
- Monthly Social Media Compliance Checks
- Biweekly 1-hour Legal Consultation (2 per month)

Professional Creators Plan

Starting at $3,500/month

Monthly Subscription Includes:
- Standard Contract Review (Up to 3 per month)
- Biweekly Social Media Compliance Checks
- Weekly 1-hour Legal Consultation (4 per month)
- Complex Contract Negotiations (Up to 2 per month)
- Monthly Compliance Checks for Giveaways & Promotions
- FTC Compliance Consultations
- 10% Discount on Additional Legal Services

Premium Creators Plan

Starting at $5,200/month

Monthly Subscription Includes:
- Unlimited Contract Reviews
- Weekly Social Media Compliance Checks & Risk Assessments
- Twice Weekly 1-hour Legal Consultation (8 per month)
- Unlimited Contract Negotiations
- Full Compliance Management for Giveaways & Promotions
- Full Compliance Management for FTC Laws & Disclaimers
- 15% Discount on Additional Legal Services
- Unlimited Calls with Same-Day Responses (During Business Hours)

*Prices do not reflect any negotiation outside of the initial drafting or review of the document. If negotiations are required, they will be billed at our hourly rate.

“I couldn't be more pleased with Lauren's expertise in handling my dental contract. Her meticulous attention to detail ensured that every nuance was addressed, and her negotiation skills were nothing short of impressive. What sets her apart is the genuine care she extends to her clients – a rare quality that made the entire process not just smooth, but personally reassuring. I know I will only be going to her for the rest of my dental career. Highly recommend her services!”

- Sahar N.

“Lauren Angulo was very responsive and helpful! She always got back to us quickly, and handled everything perfectly, no issues! She worked with our limitations without complaint. I would use them again, and recommend highly!”

- Google Review

“I have been using Venustas Law Firm for my personal needs, and I am extremely satisfied with their services. My most recent experience with them involved creating a leasing agreement for a tenant in my investment property. The team at the office supported me to navigate the negotiation process from start to finish. I'm grateful for their exceptional service.”

- Lina P.

Let us help you build & maximize your empire.

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